Friday, September 15, 2006

5 years ago

on Sept 11, five years ago. actually this one should been written on the same day and date. but lack of time, made my shout coming very late. nearly 5 days after the exact date. by the way, on Sept. 11, five years ago, I was in a cab heading toward McDonalds, after touched down to Irbid from Mafraq. we supposed to go straight to my cousin's house but she's still in her class. we turned the plan, and heading to McD. in a cab, when it stop on the traffic light in front of Hassan Sport City, we heard the news on radio. on the first place, i thought it was a joke but the taxi driver smile at me and said "america's at war". not understanding the joke, if it was, i return the smile and keep listening the news. when we touched the restaurant, television which is always on MTV channel has turn into CNN showing the footage of the attack. my god! it was a disaster, dude.
we were heading to my cousin's house then and find out the same footage and coverage was shown on Jordan Ch1, Ch2,Syrian, and Israeli 1 & 2. this is no joke and it's real. then came a news about pentagon also under attacked. by now i can hear a sound of jubilant citizens on the street. i went out to buy some snacks and found out myself trapped on the street with nearly hundreds of Arabs along the street of Irbid, in front of the Economic Faculty gates, dancing, singing and shouting praise for the attack. there's also a kind shop owner who distributed sweets and nuts to the sidewalkers. but it didn't get too long. i take the sweets and get some stuff and return home. there's a phone call from Malaysia asking about the situation. we spent the whole evening watching the news following head to toe report and comments about the attack. my mum ring me up and asked about myself. she told me to cancelled my plan to work in Europe. my late father was also on the phone and told me the same thing. totally frustrated the next day i went back to Mafraq and everything has changed then. i knew the war is on the door. anytime anywhere on mother earth. and when the bastard on White House point his finger to Syeikh Osama, the Arabs world taking a deep breath. a really deep breath. it is far away from home. they will not involved at all. from then on we were following the news every single day waiting for what will happen next. thanks god when one of our friend in the same flat had a sattellite tv and we were introduced to the Al Jazeera News. i still remember watching the channel for the whole day and we were crazy about it until one fine day we decided to take a break and watched Playboy for the weekend.
i fly back to Malaysia on the same day Afghanistan being attacked by the US. i dunno the news until touched down in KL. all the television showing the same image. war in afghanistan. it's kinda memorabilia for Sept 11. the image's returning again. and five years later, i was five years old in this field. working with al jazeera news channel in Astro. doing live translation on tv. a lots of thing happened since then. saddam has falled in Iraq and sentenced to death penalty. afghanistan's broke. the truth about sept. 11 has been raised all over the world and many more. i still remember the moment.

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