Tuesday, May 30, 2006

reminiscences on a beautiful life

people can recall a short time in their life when they miss the period and they lost it and they know it wont come again. you cannot expect anything happen in your life will return sooner in different style. they said life is like a wheel, once you're up and once you're down. here you can get yourself to be up again after falling down, but it's not true. c'mon dude, you were a little child and now a big guy. you can only recall the moment, that's all. no more than that. what a beautiful life.
the short period of my life far away from family and home, getting new friends, living in a different culture, environment, food and language, is the unforgotten moment, forever. when we missed the moment, we'll feel we have lost something in our life and we definitely want it back. jordan is the most beautiful country i've ever been. am i bluffing? hell not. i know if we make a comparison between jordan and a country such as malaysia, it's going weird. but when i live my life in malaysia i find it weird also. to live in a beautiful land like malaysia, you have to own a car, and of course you need a lot of money. there's Mr Bank for you. then you need a house. if you can afford one, you can rent a house. and of course dude, you have to pay the rent using the so-called money. the landlord will never ever ever accept a truck of coconut, an acres of paddy field or whatever they cannot use to pay for their vehicle gas. before those two bloody thing, the car and the house, you have to find a job. here in malaysia, if you were born as a slave, you have to be a slave for the whole life. if you're trying to change your life, you can follow a footstep of many people who used to be a bussinesman. once you become a bussinesman, you need a lot of money. and there's Mr. Bank for you. or the loanshark.....ha ha ha.
life is really scary in malaysia. the culture of life here you can called it as a material world. everything you need in your life is related with the so-called money. and of course we also need money to run a life everywhere on mother earth. but the situation is not the same. i think it's depend on the cost of living; or the culture of life.see ya later pal! the idea has gone for a while.

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