Thursday, March 30, 2006

30th March 2006

i bought 2 cans of Selenia oil and an oil filter for my Punto, life pretty damn boring as been said by my friend nearby, without money u cannot do anything, money is an important part of our life today, where the hell is that money has gone? i'm looking for a money to live. God please help me!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a shout to the silent community

menyeru di sini sesiapa yang pernah tinggal di jordan sekitar tahun 1995 hingga 2001 untuk memberikan sedikit cebisan pengalaman anda. ia seperti sekeping wang emas tinggalan era Nabatean yang sudah sumbing tetapi nilainya boleh menggerakkan sebuah parti politik....di Burkina Faso. C'mon guys, or anybody who had a very good, bad and ugliest moment while travelling or visiting Jordan. Thank you.

willkommen to the new world

welcome to new day, first post since i dunno when, a huge hope this will be a bomb that crack the Great Wall of China. Need to share the story with million out there. That's all.