Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beauty Killed The Beast

A ninth title and Sir Alex Ferguson's greatest triumph - in the season that showed footballing beauty can conquer the relentless beast. Fergie's warm relationship with Jose Mourinho has gone into the deep freeze in recent weeks, the tense nature of the contest seeing both men making statements they may come to regret. But while the Laird of Old Trafford was on the golf course yesterday as Chelsea finally gave up the ghost, nothing should diminish the joy of this title victory, the final proof that Ferguson can build team after team. Yes, United's Treble ambitions were swept away amid the torrents which fell on the San Siro last Wednesday, befuddled and bewitched by the genius of Kaka. But no team has given greater pleasure, has captivated the nation, has played with a spirit of adventure and entertainment more than United this term. (from : Chermin Harian)

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