Sunday, September 03, 2006

completely one month!

yes, completely one month. one month without any thread. one month without any shout. it doesnt mean that i didnt have any idea to write, but i'm totally out of my time. i'm totally buzy. yes i am buzy. but what have i done? nothing! doing nothing meaning a lot of thing. nothing doesnt mean that i'm just laying on my bed or spent 12 hours a day for a food. doing nothing for me is doing a lot of nothing but i got nothing. nothing at all. nothing at all doesnt mean that i dont get anything. if you wanna know, nothing at all meaning i got something but it worthless. totally worthless. do you know what i mean. i'm totally tired as hell, doing a lot of thing but i had nothing at all, finally. zero. zilch. sifar.

by the way i have a lot of unfinished stupidity to shout. i wanna write about FAM and the morons inside, i wanna write about GAMIS leader who used to wrote an open bloody stupid letter to Siti Nurhaliza, i wanna write about money, about Jordan, about Hizbullah and the romantical moment i had in Lebanon eight years ago. a lot of thing. that's why i said i had nothing but nothing. enjoi the photo. it was my playground. see the dino? see ya later.

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