Friday, September 21, 2007

Iklan Sabun Cap Kapak

Momment bitte! Est ist eine Werbung hier.
Jose Mourinho is no longer with the Blues. Hehe. The Special One. Special One my ass. Go home boy and be a Special Branch.
All you need to be a good football manager is a special name your old man named you when you were born.
For example Chapman, its a good name for a football manager. Put it as your middle name of course.
Goodbye Chelski fan, throw your shirt because you're history.
I'm pretty sure, they're history.


Alke said...

Bro, permintaan ku 2 tahun lepas wait and see ke mana arah tuju fan chelski....eeee...seronoknye

Anonymous said...

heh.. chelshit

The.Libyaman said...

gua nak tunggu sorang Chelski fan datang komen hehehe
dua tiga menjak ni aje ada orang minat Chelski kat BolehLand nie
Jersey buat kain lap kaki aje lah wei

Anonymous said...

kerana bencikan MU gua sokong chelsea...chelsea forever...boleh blahla MU..

Goldman said...

Sabun Cap Kapak ada dijual di sini