Saturday, May 06, 2006

wake up from everything

it's been a lot of thing happened for the last one month, my entire life has change, i've been hospitalized for 3 days, to remove a stone in my kidney, i'll never ever forget the moment i suffered, at 5 am April 25th 2006, man, i was thinking that's the end of my life, without knowledge and no causes, i feel bloody damn hurt on my back, was taking to SJMC and with no mercy and in a simple phrase the doctor told me " ini batu karang ni...." she thought it's just a simple thing and me thought i'm gonna die...hehehe

and on may 4th, around 5.20 am, i was driving my punto like hell, speeding more than 120 km/h on an empty highway, destination : Hospital Serdang ; and at 5.55am my wife has delivered our 2nd baby girl, named Al-Batoul. Me, was so happy, the same feeling i had when we got our first child named Az-Zahra' which now is one month before her 3rd birthday. For the second time, we were expecting a baby girl, and God Almighty fulfilled my prayer.Thank you Allah, for giving me this life.

Az-Zahra' means : The Splendid One
Al-Batoul means : The Chaste and Pure One

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