Monday, July 03, 2006

the joy is over, they flyin home

for me, the world cup is over. whutever you named it, world cup - cup of life- copa mundial - ka'sul a'lam or whutever, it is over for me. i'm totally disappointed. there's more than hundred SMS in my phone not including the phone call i had from friends and family, altogether, they were on the same agenda - nail my head with being so fanatic about brasil and ronaldo. damn it. i dunno whut to say when the men in black blew the whistle nearly 15 min. to 5 a.m local time. straight after that, a dozens of SMS flooding my phone. i'm ready for that and i knew they were ready with the text and my number, waiting only for the final whistle and press the send button. damn! there's a bloody phone call just to sing me " allez allez allez " . bloody hell. dunno why i feel that what happened before and during the copa mundial has made their payback to me. i'm totally proud and being damn arrogant as a loyal supporter of samba boys. lot's of them mostly my colleagues in Jordan and here in Malaysia, they were also knew how deep is my loyalty to support Ronaldo in my blog, how fanatics i was. ha ha ha. i wrote an article in my blog before this - enough football? and it's really happened.
England is hopeless. they never learned. i hate lampard, i hate gerrard and all those who was labelled as the shining star of EPL. fuck off man, dont you think it's a special moment when you can contribute something to your national team? can anybody tell me why lampard playing so wierd? stoopid chelsea player, stoopid liverfool skipper! you guys ruin the party.!
Germany vs Argentina was a breathtaking game. i did support the beautiful football of Tango but they also was very unlucky. damn Lehmann, why are you so arrogant, man? hopefully Azurri will let your head down in the semis. i dunno why Pekerman take out Riquelme and Crespo and bring in 'mistaken-identity' striker, Cruz and let Messi being a subtitued for the whole game. c'mon man, Messi has born to be footballer, and he alone can change the game. i dunno why.Second game was running as been expected. Ukraine is not deserved the place to play in quarter final. Azurri can do something against the home nation, hopefully. to watch the game? i'm not sure.
thanks God, i only missed two games which is Italy vs USA and Netherland takes on Serbia-Montenegro. the rest is on my head. even Az-Zahra' had asking her mother, why Baba's not sleeping in our bedroom anymore. dear, everything will change afterthis. baba'll be right there holding your hand every single nite until you get your deep sleep. no more football after this. and friends, brasil is not a loser, they only missed a chance to clinch the sixth world cup title. that's all. and i'll be a loyal supporter of Brasil forever. because i know i dun have a chance to support Myteam in World Cup. for the rest of soccer moment, there will be "red devils" up next on EPL campaign, and for sure, this one will be mine.


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