Sunday, June 11, 2006

crouch yang membosankan!

aku cukup menyampah dengan peter crouch. anak siapalah si peter crouch nie. pesal lah dia ni tinggi sangat. dan atas kapasiti apa yang dia boleh main untuk england. god damn it. bila freekick beckham ditanduk masuk secara bergaya oleh gamarra pada minit ke-4, masa tu aku rasa mesti kena belasah team latino nie ngan england. tapi england memang tak pernah nak insaf, dah banyak game dah banyak tournament england main camnie, dapat gol sebiji lepas tu kena ectassy sorang sebiji, layan aje. kalu ade 'wonder kid' aku rasa ade jugak ler sebiji 2 lagi boleh buat gol. diorang nie mcm dah mamai bila score sebiji. mujur menang tapi game memang membosankan. aku minat betul dengan style lopez striking partner si roque santa cruz. dia rajin giler, tak pernah boring nak try buat goal. santa cruz baru baik injured so memang kurang sikit, mamat nie ambik peranan dia. main macam lone striker. gua respek ngan dia la. tapi england kallau main camnie lagi, jangan harap la nak pegi jauh, ngan trinidad&tobago pun belum tentu lepas.
next game was a very entertaining game between sweden and trinidad & tobago. it's a tiny 'socca warrior' versus the IKEA boy. everybody were put their money and life on sweden to easily crush T&T, which population only 1.6 million. but they have my former darling of Theater of Dream, Dwight Yorke. you can see yorke running around and around from the left to the right and from the position he shared with andy cole in MU to the territory of Rio Ferdinand. it's like one man show. but we cannot close our eyes to the rest such as sancho, avery john (he's being red carded) stern john and the great goalkeeper of west ham united, shaka hislop who accidentally replace the number one was fantastic to see larrson on the field alongside with ibrahimovich and ljungberg. this three players has scored 20 from 30 goals for sweden in qualifying round. larrson still playing like a youngest striker in mundial. the appearance of this former Rasta striker back in 1994 has stolen the glimpse from another great striker at that time such as romario and baggio. after more than ten years, he still playing at the highest level of football compete with the newcomers. what a great player. okay finally the game ended in nil nil, goalless even the IKEA boys had so many chance to score but they were failed to beat Shaka Hislop.
Last game of the day was The Tango versus Didier Drogba . Opps!! The Tango versus Didier Drogba & Co. It was a fantastic game from the beginning. The Ivorian was fantastic. they doesnt care that they are facing the mighty argentine. with gabi and ayala on the defending line, there's cambiasso on and off from up to the front, General Roman Riquelme controlling the game and pushed the ball to the lethal striker like Crespo, they are nothing compare with the Argentine. but we were again made a mistake. they were such an unstoppable machine. running up and down trying to score even they were down to two nil before half-time. Drogba still manage to score ten minutes from time but it was a little bit late. we dont blame him but they are unlucky to crush the Tango. Feel bloody tired, watching three matches continuosly. and i need a rest. tomorrow three more team which had a devils inside will play. my darling Ruud van Nistelrooy will faces his old trafford colleagues Nemanja Vidic and Christiano Ronaldo will dancing the ball against the Angola players. ciao.

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