Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What else to say?

What else to say, he's been called everything from fat to to unfit to a has been, but Ronaldo proved last nite that despite his flab, he is still fab with a goal that put him at the pinacle of the Copa Mundial top scorers list.
A goal in Brasil's 3-0 win over The Black Star of Ghana sent the Selecao through the quarter final and Ronaldo as the player with the most goals in Copa Mundial with 15 historical goals.
His two against Japan in the group stages put him join-first with West German legend Der Bomber's 28 years record- at 14 'easy-to-score' goals.
That record was broken in just over a week in typical 'Ronaldo of Rio' style- a solo effort, racing past Ghana's defence and a one-on-one against goalkeeper for the inevitable finish.
Ronaldo had come into the tournament a pale - and oversized - shadow his brilliant past - thinking of Maradona in the same style of his cocaine era.
But all that seem to be changing as he returns to form. Now, if Ronaldo breaks anymore records it will be his own. Keep my words companero!
In the 2nd game of the nite, my advice for Domenech is to list down Frank Ribery in his first eleven and they'll win. Absolutely they win over the young Spaniard. and what more? Ribery is there and he himself scored the first goal. even my 'out-of-favour player' Patrick Viera did score the goal and the third was belong to none other than the most cool players on the pitch Zizou. and guys, quarter final will promise us an entertaining game of course. in the matter of revenge, Selecao wish to show us what was happening in that mysterious nite in Paris was over and there's only one champion. but Les Blues, in order of their upraising form, they do wish to show us that a veteran footballers who comeback from international retirement can change the momentum of the tournament- not only a single game. wait n see.
Viva Brasil and Viva Ronaldo!

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