Saturday, June 10, 2006

it's begin in style

the world cup in germany. the world is watching it. so am I. germany started the world cup with the 4-2 win over "the ticos" but what a shame. paulo wanchope alone can cracked the so-called great line of klinsmann defender. it's germany no more which i knew since the mundial in espana back in 1982. the first world cup i ever watched as a human being. i recognized germany as a very though team with a very fast and systematic players and of course i like the way rummenigge and littbarski play. in the other hand, i'm the obedient supporter of the beautiful football of brasil. i can remember the way zico and falcao control the ball during the match with rossi and co. paolo rossi is the star of the mundial and i remember one of my colleague were trying to imitated paolo rossi's running style. damn! world cup is an outbreak. 4 years later in mexico i'm still the obedient supporter of brasil and i'm crying when maradona fools the world with the so-called hand of god because i was thinking that i am gary lineker of that time. i do support england all the way in world cup despite brasil is my favourite. it's all about Manchester United. i'm a red and i'd love to see any 'devils' playing with the 'lions'. is everything man. everything.
on the other game equador crushed the hope of polish with 2 goal to nil. you have to remember, equador qualified to mundial as the 3rd team behind brasil and 'the tango'. they did kick ass with the both team in qualifiying round. so please dont underated the men in black, bro.

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